Its My Birthday!!!!

September 21, 2010

So, today is that special day that only comes once a year.  24 years ago on this very day, I was birthed.  Thank you mamma Stirling, the best mommy in the world.

Every year I make sure that people know its my birthday. Not in an annoying or abrasive way in that I expect a pillow to by shoved under my behind every time I sit down  but rather I just like to think that I am fully utilizing my special annual occasion.  For example, whether I am sitting in class or standing in a slowly moving grocery line, I lean over to the stranger next to me and casually say, “hey… its my birthday.” I love it because the reaction is almost always the same.  After a slight pause, and an “oh…” they perk and excitedly say “well, happy birthday!”  I then act extremely flattered as if they just said something great about me.  Then they feel good about themselves, I am filled with warm fuzzies and everyone is happy.

So I recommend that you should always tell everyone that its your birthday.  Some might say this is a selfish endeavor but hey, I think that when you share your joy and good news with others, you spread happiness. Yes there are those people that are obnoxious about their happy moods.  Ya know, I’m talking about that roommate that wakes up at 5 in the morning and she is wearing a florescent jogging outfit to complement her huge beaming smile. Anyhow, I just feel like people are so removed from each other these days.  People walk around in their own little world and they don’t try to connect.  Weather its your birthday or not, share yourselves with others and by so doing they can share themselves with you. You can wait silently in annoyance in a stagnant grocery store line, or you can say something nice to the person next to you and walk away with a friend.

Anyhow, I love birthdays and I just wanted to share with all of you that “hey…it’s my birthday” 🙂

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